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June 5, 2023


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Holy month “Ramadan”

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Ramadan, oh holy month of grace,
We welcome thee with joy and praise.
A time to fast and pray, we know,
And to let our faith and devotion grow.

We rise before the dawn to eat and drink,
And to begin our day with a spiritual link.
Throughout the day, we abstain from food,
And focus on Allah, with gratitude.

At sunset, we break our fast with dates,
And water or milk, to nourish our states.
Then we pray and dine with our kin,
And feel the blessings that Ramadan brings in.

We read the Quran and perform good deeds,
And help those in need, with our noble seeds.
We seek forgiveness and repent our sins,
And strive to be better, as the month begins.

Oh Ramadan, we cherish thee,
For the love and peace, you bring to be.
We welcome thee with open hearts,
And pray for blessings, till the month departs.

Writer : Kakoli Akther Mou.

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