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March 22, 2023


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Wake up Muslim

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Kakoli Akther Mou

Wake up Muslim,wake up hero,
Behold,the nest of dreams is broken.
How much more time will you spend sleeping?
The enemy has entered your house.
With beatings, thorns and the tune of war-
Wants to purchase the light of faith.
They draw dirty pictures in the name of the Prophet,
Violence spreads all over the world.
The enemy is maneuvering in horrible colors,
They want to break the faith of the believer.
Enemies in the guise of friends laugh at this,
The fires of violence spread in everyone’s mind.
The enemy of the Muslims sees everything,
Plunder the soul of the believer wants to eat.
Beware of all vampires,
Muslims have woken up,with the strength of their arms.
There’s still time for you all to get better,
If you can’t get better, eat human waste and go to bed.
Yet do not strike the hearts of the Muslims,
Otherwise, you will be burnt to ashes.

I’m a sleeping poet,silent picture-
Kakoli Akther Mou

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