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March 28, 2023


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The world cries out for “racism”

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 [Kakoli Akther Mou]

The white soul of the white man-
Guy in the world, humanity song.
White mind,white feeling;feeling white-
Behavior reveals,your color is black.
Appreciating the white face, the flower basket on the chin-
By chance they destroy everything
Black people live in the world of whites-
So some whites are annoyed all the time
That humanity is always in their mouth,
Yet the mind lives in oppression; the fear of blacks.
White body, way of thinking; as much as white,
At the end of the day right there in the mind of dirt accumulation.
There is respect for whites in the hearts of black people-
But why the white body; there is no place for black?
If there is so much violence in the mind-
Then why write about humanity on paper?
The Allah who created love
Black and white man sent to earth,
Where there is no room for discrimination-
Humanity is full of love, brother.
But why caste discrimination,
Then why love and humanity, murder is step by step?
That is why the sky of black people is terribly dark today
Where there is no peace, there is no value.
Some white people are thirsty for blood,
That’s why blacks are crying brothers.

In the research pen-
Kakoli Akther Mou
random traveler…

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