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May 29, 2023


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Corona’s possible to find an antidote?

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[Kakoli Akther Mou]

Wailing is happening all over the world –
The procession of the dead body is getting longer,
as well as the tears of the relatives.

In this situation, I am spending time in detention and leisure time.
Nothing looks good
Remembering the motherland.
Yet life does not stop, do not stop.

Sitting in the subconscious thinking, the matter came to mind-
So share with everyone.
Through newspapers and TV, I find out that not all patients with-
Covid-1 (Corona) are dying.

Many, having recovered from the disease recovers to return home.
It is a great pleasure; for the patient and-
At the same time for us.

To help them recover, their body’s immune system and-
blood composition (DNA) have helped a lot.
In return they returned home after recovering.

Once healed, the patient’s body produces an anti-body,
which will keep him safe until death.

Since, no medical method for corona disease-
has been discovered yet;
Therefore, if the blood samples of the-
healthy patients were to be researched soon,
I believe the research team would be-
successful in discovering the drug,

So, without delay, create a joint research team-
with scientists from all countries.
I think we should start working very fast.

Now is not the time to be arguing,
Now is the time, the country,ten, to save the world.

Request of state rulers of all countries;
Please take action without delay to collect blood samples.
Take the initiative to start researching.

Money, power, manpower, good will, strong morale,
decision-making;the survival of the world depends.
Think about it.
The longer the delay,
the more the world will fall behind.

Writer: Regular writer of SHIMANTER AHBAN

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