January 28, 2023


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Muslims are not militant

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[Kakoli Akther Mou]

Everyone knows the history,
Know the world Islam Peace.
By conspiracy the other person,
They are hurting the nation.
The world is spreading hatred,
The foolish people blame the Muslims.
What do you think of Hitler, Genghis?
They were people of any religion?
They have killed thousands of people,
Everyone in the world saw them kill them.
Everyone saw the glory of Netanyahu and Bush,
Everyone was hurt by seeing their work.
They had played the role of happiness,
They drank the blood of the people.
In Palestine, Iraq and Libya,
They are killing people by throwing bombs.
Look at Iraq, Palestine and Libya,
Do not you hear their cry?
Thousands of people are flowing in blood,
You do not lose your sense of sight.
You always blame the Muslims,
If you have lost your conscience?
You have caused the rise of militancy,
You have eradicated global peace.
People are killing people by throwing bombs,
The world is just blaming the Muslims.
Why do not you tell me militants themselves?
Debris world peace partner.
The Prophet said the Jews were enemies,
Muslims forgot the words.
Muslims are not militant,
The non-Muslims take the form of a Muslim.

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